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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dog Breed Reference (freeware)

Windows Mobile (Tested on 6.1)

Overview: Useful information about dog breeds.

Breeds listed:

  • By Name (Sorted by name / group / size)
  • By Group (Thumbnail view)
  • By Size (Thumbnail view)

  • Contains : 175 breeds (image & info)
  • Include info about Groups
  • Include useful hints
  • Search function
  • Age Calculator
VGA version is 1.2
QVGA version is 1.2

-- Version 1.1 [04/10/2010] --
. Added : Dog Age Calculator
. Fixed : Splash screen image

-- Version 1.2 [04/16/2010] --
. Fixed : Minor bugs


  1. Thank for the app! Its very usefull when you work in the animalworld :) its works also @ HTC HD 2 with win 6.5

  2. Anyone else have trouble with the screen formatting?

  3. >Anyone else have trouble with the screen formatting?

    Please tell us your screen dimensions :)

  4. First, thanks a lot for software.
    I installed it on the Asus 696 WM6 QVGA and works fine.
    Is there a way to translate it into another language, if so, how?
    Again, huge thanks, great software.

  5. If you want to translate -only- the breed data, you can open the .dat files (located in the BREEDS folder) with a text editor.

  6. Please, add a WQVGA Version (240x400) too for us Samsung Omnia Users :)

  7. Tanks,but for htc touch hd with wm6.1 i think we need a wqvga.