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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Portable Diagnostic Imaging (freeware)

Windows Mobile (Tested on 6.1)

Overview: A fake X-RAY diagnostic application. Just for fun :)
  • It supports left / right hand selection
  • Portrait shot with camera shutter sound effect
  • Landscape object scan

Controls (hardware keys - v. 1.1) :

  • [Left Key] : Select left hand
  • [Right Key] : Select right hand
  • [Up Key] : object scan
  • [Enter Key] : Shot
Controls (Soft keys - v. 1.3)

VGA version is 1.3
QVGA version is 1.1


Version 1.3 [04/26/2010]
- Softkey ONLY edition
- User can change settings (Delay & Boost)


  1. Any plans on making this for higher resolutions? Would be great on my HTC HD2.

    -Sander (sandernederland@hotmail.com)

  2. i wonder if it works on my hp ipaq hw6945 (sqvga)

  3. It's working great on my HD2