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Saturday, March 27, 2010

UpTime (freeware)

Windows Mobile (Tested on 6.1)

Overview: Shows the current uptime, statistics and boot history.

Comment: Use the Internal Memory for installation.


  1. I need WVGA :-)

  2. I do too,
    please do WVGA
    Thanx ;-)

  3. Trying to profile battery life. It runs on CE 6.0 but doesn't update automatically. It just displays the last value and doesn't increment unless I change screens (menu -> Current uptime).
    When the device shuts down from low battery, and I reboot, the history only shows the last value that was displayed, not the actual value.

    FYI: NordicID PL3000 Windows CE 6.0
    running QVGA version.

    This program would be perfect for what I need, if it updated automatically (like every second).