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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CheckList (Freeware)

Windows Mobile (Tested on 6.5.x)

Overview: A simple Check List application

  • Organized by Categories
  • New / Modify / Delete Category
  • New / Modify / Delete Item
  • Move Item to Vault / Restore Item from Vault
  • Touch friendly
  • Included Desktop Companion (PC application)

  • No Master Lists!
  • No Descriptions / Notes
  • No Quantities
  • No Item Pictures
  • No Prices
  • Without many functions and options

(Old) VGA version 1.1

VGA / WVGA version 2.1

Download Desktop Companion 2.1

C h a n g e l o g :

Version 2.0

- Fixed the WVGA resolution.
- The Splash Screen was Changed.
- The user can change the order of the Categories / Items
- Settings Panel added
- The Program now can keep the Backlight On (option)
- The user can change the Item (list) height (option)
- The user can change the Text size (option)
- The user can enable/disable the message dialogs (option)
- The user can enable/disable the splash screen (option)
- The database is saved only if changes detected.
- The graphic files was retouched.
- Many minor bug fixes.

Version 2.1

- added gray boxes
- fixed category problem
- fixed minus problem (-)
- Marks by default the first Category
- Marks by default the first Item in the selected category
- Many minor bug fixes.

Notice (for 2.1 version):

Keep backup of your data files using the Desktop Companion
Install the program
Restore the backup

if you dont want the grayed checkbox option:
Run the program
Go to settings
Disable it (the press the disk icon)
Save the database from the menu

The new "grayed" version is not compatible with the v1.0 Desktop Companion


  1. will we have a WVGA version of this fantastic app ?

  2. Good work, thanks.
    Desktop PC's is handy.
    Please WVGA resolution and look forward to the new version.

  3. I will release WVGA version when i buy the HD2 (dont have the money yet)

  4. Donation 10 Eu, good work.

  5. What is the function of the item: Reconstruct Connection Link?
    I clicked on it, but nothing happens.

  6. It creates a path file in the windows folder. Its not necessary to use it. Only if the desktop companion cannot detect the data files on the device

  7. This runs very well on my WM5 device. The app is nicely laid out, and intuitive, but it would be even better if more items could be made visible at a time, possibly by allowing the toolbar and title to be temporarily disabled, a fullscreen option, in other words.

    I also miss the ability to scroll by using my D-Pad. This would allow for one-handed operation when using Checklist on a shopping trip.

  8. @Gerry:
    Dude, the application is 100% touch friendly...
    With one hand you can hold yr device, scroll the list, tap the list, change categories....
    Why to use the d-pad?

  9. Dadi, no offence, but there isn't a single user-friendly app that I can use accurately with my fingers. Maybe it's because I'm clumsy, or maybe it's my lefthandedness, but that's the way it is with me. ;) The D-Pad makes scrolling and navigation so much easier.

    Of course, those large fonts are very much appreciated, since my eyesight is very poor.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  10. QVGA pleaseeeeee

  11. Really nice app. Just started using it, and already its on my Must-have list!
    Just two requests/suggestions:
    1. WVGA - but you have already answered that one!
    2. Ability to choose which file to open; that would allow me to have multiple lists.
    Cheers, and thanks for the app.

  12. Hi there.
    If you want to have multiple lists search on xda developers. There are many great shopping applications with multiple lists :-)

  13. No more WVGA testers, thank you very much. :)
    WVGA version is coming, stay tuned!

  14. I look forward to new version. :)

  15. Woot! Looking forward to the WVGA version. I realize that there are other shopping list apps on XDA, and have tried most of them. What I like about this app is that it can be used more of a "List" app, than a "Shopping list app". That's why I was hoping this could also start handling multiple files.

  16. Thank you for the New version 2
    WVGA resolution on my PDA is OK, desktop and PDA sync perfect.
    Thank you very Dadi.
    HTC D2, WM 6.5, WIN XP

  17. QVGA QVGA QVGA pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. New WVGA version works like a charm! I totally love it. Great app.
    Would still like to request multiple list handling, though, if its at all possible.

  19. Unfortunately it doesn't work right on my omnia i-900. Problems with screen resolution (WQVGA, or 240x400). What a pity! After a long research, this was the first very simple and usable Check-list-Application! Keep up the great work!
    Omnia i900 wm 6.1

  20. Hi Dadi, a program in the background, my HTC D2 can not be disabled.
    Minor problems with the items, sometimes appears in 2 different categories.
    Can I translate menus in Czech, which contains a set of language?

  21. @LUT

    1. a program in the background, my HTC D2 can not be disabled.
    Huh???? Don't understand that
    2. Minor problems with the items, sometimes appears in 2 different categories. Not possible (except if you use the "modify/copy" option
    Every item contain only one category code...
    Please open your data files with a text editor and check it.

    Yep, we can translate it...
    I must add the code first, in the next week if I dont have too much work ;)

  22. 1. Keep backlight ON, can not turn off PDA screen, it's OK?
    2. Yes, I tested the copy or move or delete item.
    3. Data files are OK.

  23. 1. Keep backlight ON, can not turn off PDA screen, it's OK?
    yes. You can turn off your htc when the checklist is closed :)
    2. 3. And no problems right? So what about the double category items?

    LuT you can contact me via e-mail (gr.duke@gmail.com). Its faster that the blogs comments :)))

  24. I have installed the 2.0 version. Thanks a lot for WVGA support, it was exactly what I needed.

    But, unfortunately, when I try to edit list entries I get this error message:

    "An error occurred on sub_main_get_cat.

    Index 6 is either negative or above rows count.


    Here, if I choose "Yes" everything goes fine and I edit my entry and, respectively, if I choose "No" I get kicked off the application.

    I wonder, is there a way to fix this issue on my device. I use your app on Samsung Omnia II, by the way.

    Thanks again for this great app.
    Best wishes,

  25. fixed. wait for the new version

  26. GREAT programs !!!

    Desktop Companion 2.1 - suggestion / need
    - A scroll bar
    - if you have more than 5 lists you can't access the additional lists - a scroll bar would solve this

    Thanks again for this great program !!!!

  27. Move (scroll) the list with your mouse (its the same as pocketpc)

  28. wqvga version??? great project! keepup

  29. Hi pleas help

    run aplication error print 'error loading program. OutOfMemoryException' start program in WM 6.5 on Samsung Omnia II

  30. Ijacek.007 said...

    Do a soft reset and try to run the program

  31. qvga пожалуйста

  32. It's seems interesting, but I can't try it:
    QVGA please

  33. I like this app very much. But it doesn't work on i900 omnia because of resolution. Is it possible to change resolution please

    Thank you very much for this great application.

  34. What you need. QVGA please.